Best Baby Muslin Squares

Our pick for best baby muslins or ‘musys’ are from a company called Aden and Anais.¬†They are the Rolls Royce of cleaning up sick and dribble.
Of course this is all subjective to your own tastes, but that aside the quality and detailing of them is lovely. Even the packaging is really nice, making them a perfect present. They are 100% cotton and machine washable which is super handy because they will be in and out the wash on a regular basis.


They are slightly pricey and certainly the higher end of the price range when compared to others on the market. But they really stand out and are perfect as a gift or a little treat for yourself. These muslins cost around £20 for a pack of between 3 and 5 individual muslins.
You may think that it is a bit of a waste of money because of what they are but realistically they will be around longer than a lot of the baby clothes you buy. They are made to last as well and will likely end up becoming a blanket or comforter when it is no longer needed as a muslin. As a present they are a safe bet too because you don’t need to guess on a size, just pick a pattern you love!

Where To Get Them

These muslins can be found from a few store stockists around the UK. They are also available online with the full variety of styles, you can see them using the link below.

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